terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

A society of love

I have a vision: a society of Love.
I imagine a world were I would be happy and all the others around me would feel happy too, as one heart.

I would love to live in a place were people would smile at me if they passed me by, a place were I could be myself free of judgement, all of my being and it's countless expressions would be honored, valued and accepted, were I wouln'd have to hide my beauty and love from no one.
No more mental boundaries between me and the outside world, to be free,knowing that others would understand.

Feel the love in my fellow friend's eyes, and love their love. Feel happy that the light was shining trough their eyes.

A place of harmony , were every person would be a part of the puzzle, all of us making sense together, like a dance of life, with joy and peace.

A space were we can all shine, all give the very best of ourselves with no worries and no fears. A circle of trust.

A society that knows there is no "rights" and "wrongs", for every path is a path. Were there is no telling what the expressions of love would be, for we have not walked on the other person's shoes, so we cannot judge.
Being in our own shoes have told us the truth above duality, so we know within ourselves that truth, so we understand...
we can see the love under every action, every though, every smell and every colour. We know.

A place of creation, a place of birth of new ways and expressions of love, a new step in the world of matter and density, a dense understanding of the light or a light understanding of density?
Joy flowing though our cells, all of them singing life's love in harmony.

We all dream of such a place, deep down at night it sings to us, we know the truth and we long for it. We are transitioning from density to light, loving in joy every frame of the scale, from the infinite small to the macrocosms, every layer receiving light and activating itself in the big heart of love.

All we need to do is ask, and it shall be placed in front of us, every little step
It may seem long, but can you imagine the time it takes to light every layer of your complex, old being? How many layers are there? I've lost count of mine, so many that I forget about them, struggling, sometimes, to use the correct one at the right time. But then it comes...

Synchronicity, all layer synchronised among themselves and everything is perfect on that moment!
Everything is right, at the right time at the right place, and it is beautiful, and it is peaceful and it is joy.

Create, my dearests, create.
Harmony is in creativity, in the expressions of your soul. Be the arts, be the music, be the dance.

I love all, and I dream of such a place. Maybe at night, when no one else is there but you and your soul, maybe you can imagine such a place too and we dream together a world of love.
I'll meet you there.

Ana Tara

2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Passou-se comigo e já escrevi noutro blogue sobre isto... é relativamente à parte do "I would love to live in a place were people would smile at me if they passed me by" aqui fica:

"Outro dia, acho que 5ª feira, ia a caminho do Metro e estava uma menina sentada numa portada com o seu avô (presumo!), ela ao ver que eu estava a olhar para ela sorriu e disse "OLÁ"... eu ri-me e respondi com um "OLÁ" com idêntica intensidade... mas... o "avô" disse-lhe baixinho "Não deves fazer isso..."

E é assim que se mata uma Sociedade..."

Como se pode ver por este exemplo, que tenho a percepção de ser o que a maioria faz, estamos a anos luz de conseguir atingir esta fabulosa sociedade aqui descrita. Pode ser que um dia, com uma espécie diferente da nossa, ela exista.
Com a nossa espécie poderá existir, mas nunca abrangerá todos os seus indivíduos... infelizmente.

Arth Informática disse...

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