quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2008

Nova E-zine

A Ecological internet acaba de lançar uma nova E-zine
The new earth rising http://www.newearthrising.org/
que promete empenhar-se no pensamento e acção para chegar a uma ecologia global de sustentabilidade. O primeiro numero tem diversos artigos interessantes, vamos ficar atentos!

Um excerto do artigo Transforming Toward Sustainability de

"As long as the goal of expanding production and consumption is considered legitimate, we are in danger of overshooting planetary limits and collapsing. When sustainability gains legitimacy, as our primary goal, the possibility will emerge for evolving a mature social form, capable of long-term well-being. It is a Question of Direction.

"Enough" is the cue indicating physical maturity. A caterpillar spends its entire life gathering natural resources and growing. When it is big enough, it stops growing and undergoes a change of purpose. The butterfly that emerges from its cocoon is beautiful, it lives very lightly on the Earth, sipping the nectar of flowers, and its primary purpose is to launch the next generation.

This image speaks to a sustainable future. If we were to gather our satisfaction from the beauties of life and use the material world primarily to provide nutritious food and energy efficient shelter, we too could safely usher the next generations."

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